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Lubricants for manufacturing

Reduce operating costs, wear and tear and unplanned downtime with our expert lubrication, oil and grease solutions for manufacturers.

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Reduce operating costs, reduce wear and tear and minimise unplanned downtime by getting the right lubricant for the right specification and application. Expert advice and support from Certas Energy Lubricants. 

Prevent downtime with the right lubricant for your manufacturing operation

With strict production schedules to stick to, any unplanned equipment downtime can have a serious impact on your operational productivity.

Our portfolio and technical experts ensure you get the correct lubricant every time.

Our portfolio of industrial lubricants is supported by expert service from Certas Energy Technical experts, to provide you with every reassurance that the correct lubricant is being used and to solve any lubrication-related problems.

When using our lubricants, you can rest assured that these products are of the highest quality, meeting and exceeding all major manufacturers’ specifications.

We supply a large range of multi-purpose hydraulic oils, and also more specific products for geared transmissions (spur, bevel, hypoid, worm, etc.) and open gears. Our products also meet industry specifications with many approved by leading OEMs such as Flender, Parker Hannifin and DMG.

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80% maintenance cost reduction through correct lubricant use

The wrong lubricant usage is often a hidden cost in the manufacturing operation. However, the wrong lubricant results in excessive maintenance costs, reduced operational performance, and increased breakdowns. 

For UK-manufacturer of Jubilee brand clamp, Jubilee Clips Ltd, we delivered an 80% reduction on their cost of maintenance through ensuring the right lubricant use and application.

Why UK-manufacturers partner with Certas Energy Lubricants

  • National network, local delivery
  • OEM-approved lubricants for your manufacturing process
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Flexible payment options
  • Technical experts with knowledge of the market
  • Specialist products

Lubricants for manufacturing: Our product catalogue overview

Certas Energy Lubricants supplies the largest range of oils, greases and lubricants for manufacturers. You can be confident that our team will get the right specification products to ensure the optimum efficiency, productivity and performance of your equipment. Below are some of the products that we supply: 

Our hydraulic oil is vital for machinery and equipment that is being subjected to high-pressure situations, heavy-load bearings, and extreme heat. Hydraulic oil is crucial as it enables the transfer of energy and power. The associated additives combat friction, corrosion and foaming. This makes hydraulic oil a vital component in the operating and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Our team will help you to get the best hydraulic oil by understanding your exact manufacturing specification. Our carefully selected additives provide excellent protection against oxidation, degradation, rust, corrosion, and premature wear.

Contamination, corrosion and friction can all reduce the efficiency of a gear box. The right gear oil will prevent these issues and it will maximise gear box capabilities, prevent damage, and increase overall output. 

Our team help you to get the best industrial gear oil for your requirements and delivered quickly.

Compressor oils are formulated with high-quality base oils and carefully-selected performance additives. We supply compressor oils that will provide you with excellent protection against oxidation degradation, rust and corrosion and foaming.

Slideway oil is a series of high-performance oils that is recommended for the lubrication of metal and plastic slideways. Slideway oils can also be used in hydraulic systems, as a chain oil in circulating lubrication systems, and for the lubrication of conveyor belts. Our slideway oils have excellent anti-wear capabilities, low frictional properties, adhesiveness, filterability and water-separating capabilities. The excellent lubrication enables smooth traverse and tool slide without judder or ripples: avoiding scrap components.  

Gas engine oils formulated to meet the requirements of newer ‘lean burn’ engines.

Cutting oils encompassing both water soluble and neat oil based fluids for a wide variety of operating conditions, processes and metals.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of oil to use in your refrigeration system, as using the wrong type of oil can cause damage to the system and reduce its efficiency. Certas Energy Lubricants help you to choose refrigeration compressor oils that will improve heat transfer and improve oil life, resulting in improved equipment reliability and efficiency.

Preventing rust is important to maintain the strength, functionality, and appearance of metal items and to extend their lifespan. This can be achieved through the use of rust preventatives. Our team take the time to understand your needs and find the best rust-preventative solution for your manufacturing operation. 

Grease is a type of lubricant that is commonly used in manufacturing to reduce friction, wear, and heat generation between moving parts. 

Grease is formulated to provide excellent protection against wear caused by heavy-load or shock-load operation. 

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