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The coolant system is one of the most overlooked preventive maintenance items in a diesel engine. Coolants, like lubricants, are essential fluids in order to maintain engines and all heat generating mechanical systems in good working order.

It is very important to periodically check the coolant’s condition. The condition of the coolant means everything to engine longevity.

Today’s antifreeze-coolant not only protects from freezing in the winter months, but also helps protect engines from common cavitation issues.

Unlike personal vehicles, diesel engines are usually operated under both harsh conditions and on a continuous basis. These engines and their transmissions require top quality cooling systems and coolants in order to maximise their performance and reliability while minimizing maintenance costs.

Did you know?
Antifreeze mixes with water to prevent water from freezing; it also raises the boiling point to avoid overheating and reduce corrosion in your engine.

Getting it right
There are lots of different types of antifreeze and it’s crucial to understand that there is no single antifreeze that’s suitable for all makes and models. 

The best thing to do is to always use the antifreeze type that’s recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. 

There are two basic types of coolant available today dependent on the corrosion inhibitors used:
• standard MonoEthyleneGlycol (MEG)
• Organic additive technology (OAT)

Organic Acid Technology
The newer OAT coolants work differently than the older silicate based MEG coolants.  The corrosion inhibitors in OAT coolants are slower acting but much longer-lived than those in traditional coolants. Consequently, OAT coolants typically have a longer recommended service life. 

Making sure that your engines cooling system is filled with a high quality Antifreeze / Coolant is vital for its life span and healthy running. 

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