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We are the largest Shell distributor in the UK, supplying this global brand’s complete product portfolio ever since our acquisition of Shell Direct (UK) in 2004.

With an outstanding reputation for quality and technical excellence which is made possible through its continual investment in R&D.

Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products and services, which are designed to help maximise equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime to deliver substantial customer savings. Customers also have access to technical support services from Shell Lubricants including Shell LubeMatch and Shell LubeAnalyst.

The combination of the quality of Shell’s products and Certas Energy’s commitment to customer service, ensures a lubricant range you can rely on. Certas Energy Lubricants have been partnering with Shell for a number of years delivering and servicing Shells direct marine and bulk lubricant customers in the UK.

Facts & Figures

  • Shell Lubricants. 14 years No.1 Global lubricant supplier
  • First to market premium lubricants manufactured from natural gas in 100+ countries
  • World class lubricants supply chain investing to meet market demand (7 base oil plants, 15 grease plants, 44 blending plants)
  • Network of technology centres with 200 R&D scientists
  • Deliver cutting edge products to all kinds of industrial machinery
  • $1 Billion R&D spend

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Sector Solutions

Shell Driveline for fleet:

Deliver smarter fleet operations at lower cost. 

Fleet managers expect new technologies to deliver savings, but training and education is required to maximise the benefits. Shell lubricants for Driveline introduces a suite of high performing lubricants and support services that adds up to more than the sum of its parts – making your business more efficient, profitable and competitive. 

Protecting your profit margin

It is an exciting time for the European plastics injection moulding industry. Market growth is continuing with total revenue due to hit $122 billion by 2025. We are also seeing the emergence of Industry 4.0 technologies opening the door to the ‘smart-factories’ of tomorrow.

Explore Shell Industry Insights

Shell have put together some insightful information, compiled by industry experts to keep your operation running at its best. Using the correct lubricant is just one element of making lubricants work for your business. Discover how to achieve lubrication excellence in fleet, wind, manufacturing, agriculture, construction and power.

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