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Q8Oils develops products, services and solutions that increase the profitability and sustainability for businesses.

Certas Energy Lubricants are now an Authorised Partner of Q8Oils in the UK, offering a comprehensive range of technology enhanced lubricants. On the 1st March 2021, Certas Energy acquired the sales, marketing and distribution business of Q8Oils branded lubricants, greases, and metal working fluids for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Q8Oils is a leading manufacturer of premium lubricating oils, greases and metal working fluids to the industrial and power sectors, including a variety of applications for automotive, agriculture and marine customers across the world. Using high quality base oils, Q8Oils manufacture an extensive range of oils in their own blending plants using the latest cutting edge technology and drawing from years of experience.

Using valuable feedback from customers, manufacturers and suppliers, Q8Oils’ team of engineers combine their extensive knowledge of lubricants to constantly upgrade existing products and develop new formulations.

Certas Energy Lubricants partnership with Q8Oils allows us to offer a range of premium branded products of the highest possible quality. These products have been produced to the very latest manufacturer specifications required for the most demanding applications.

Industries Served:

Key Stats

  • State-of-the-art blending plants
  • 50 years of petroleum research and development
  • Dedication to quality and sustainability
  • Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), ranked as the world’s 7th largest oil company

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State of the art blending plants

Q8Oils’ lubricant Blending Plants in Belgium and Italy are designed and built to meet the highest demands for quality and efficiency.

They are fully compliant with local safety, security, health and environmental regulations.

Blending Plant Antwerp, Belgium

Q8Oils’ Blending Plant in Antwerp is located by the river Scheldt, facilitating the delivery of raw materials by ship or barge. The finished lubricants are sold in bulk or in packages ranging from 1 to 1,000 liters. The ISO certification and integrated control by Q8Oils’ Quality Department ensure safe products of the highest quality. An investment of more than 100 million USD over past years makes this blending plant the most modern in Europe. With a potential capacity of 250 million liters it is also Europe’s largest blending plant.

Blending Plant Castellar Guidobono, Italy

The Italian plant is located close to the town of Castellar Guidobono, south of Milan. It has highly automated small pack filling facilities and supplies customers worldwide with Q8Oils, Germ-Allcard, Roloil and Q8Oils marine-branded products. The plant’s flexibility enables Q8Oils to produce an extensive range of products for all specialist and customer needs. A laboratory manages quality control and product development

Research & Development

Quality and innovation have always been at the heart of Q8Oils’ business. Therefore we created a Research & Development program for the optimization of existing products and the development of new innovative lubricants, meeting specific customer challenges.

The R&D development team also enhances production, product application and quality control by providing important information on safety, security, health and environmental issues.



A vast number of customers worldwide trust the quality and reliability of our automotive lubricants. Designed to protect vital components, improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions, they are at the cutting edge of technology. Our automotive products are continuously improved to meet the various needs of our customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.


Metalworking fluids are very complex in terms of their chemistry and the environment in which they perform. The wide range of materials and applications for which they are used demands for specific formulations. It is therefore essential to offer a wide product range so that customers can confidently choose the metalworking fluid best suited to their process and application. Q8Oils can also custom develop products when your application requires it.

General Industry

Q8Oils offers a selective range of excellent industrial lubricants. As the number one choice of leading manufacturers around the world, these lubricants excel at protecting vital components, ensuring a smooth operation and extending the life of valuable machinery