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Gulf Oil has been at the forefront of the industry ever since oil was discovered in Texas in 1901. Certas Energy is the sole distributor of Gulf oils and lubricants in the UK, holding extensive stock of Gulf lubricants across our nationwide distribution network.

Offering a range of market leading products for the fleet, industrial, agricultural, automotive and marine industries, Gulf Oil continues to go from strength to strength, backed by Certas Energy’s national network and customer service team. Well known for its racing history, the Gulf Oil brand is still widely recognised with its light blue and orange racing colours.

Gulf has an established reputation for innovation and excellence, pushing the boundaries of performance, technology and compliance: notably in terms of its engine oils for road transport companies. In fact, Gulf’s latest range of transmission and engine oils has something to offer for virtually every heavy-duty vehicle on the road today.

Industries Served:

Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1901
  • in 2018, Gulf will be celebrating its 50th Le Mans anniversary
  • Core products are for automotive, fleet, industrial, agricultural and marine applications
  • Fastest growing lubricant business in the world and operate in over 100 countries

50th Anniversary of First Le Mans Win

In 2018, Gulf Oil celebrated its 50th anniversary of winning at Le Mans. Gulf Oil became synonymous with motor racing after sponsoring legendary racing teams and cars, perhaps most famously with the association of Steve McQueen and Le Mans.

Today, Gulf is still associated with motor racing reinforcing their values of quality, endurance and passion.

1968, the JW Automotive Gulf Ford GT40 won the 24-Hours of Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship and the same car again won at Le Mans in 1969.

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When you want specialist lubricant advice, you can ask your Certas Energy Account Manager, or simply go direct to Gulf Lubricant Advisor.

This online tool helps you choose the appropriate Gulf Lubricant for your vehicle or equipment.

High quality, guaranteed

Gulf Oil offers a comprehensive range of lubricants for use in cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and small boats. Blended from quality base stock and advanced additive technologies, their products enhance performance, reliability and longevity.

The Gulf engine oil portfolio for petrol, diesel, gas, hybrid and flex-fuel engines is headed by the Gulf Formula family of high-performance, synthetic oils which are approved by the key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Tailored lubricant solutions

An oil doesn’t usually have just one additive – various types of additive can be combined in varying quantities to produce oils with a particular characteristic or set of characteristics.

Gulf Oil has embraced this in its oils to increasingly offer tailored lubricant solutions for end users and provide a value proposition for the customer. New Gulf oils now show both the technician and the end user customer what they can expect from choosing a particular oil. Providing information on the unique characteristics of the oil and technical effects demonstrates the benefits of these high-performance oils over a standard product.