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Castrol is a global brand with a reputation for innovation: developing and testing hundreds of new products every year. It also works closely with a number of leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), ensuring that many of its products are not just recommended but also co-engineered by the likes of Audi, Ford, Honda and Volvo.

Certas Energy is the largest supplier of Castrol products in the UK and has a long-standing relationship with this leading brand, working as its core distributor since 2001. With an offering for multiple sectors we work with our partners at Castrol to ensure high quality sales and customer service, together with the best possible technical advice.

With more than 100 years of expertise and an international reputation for innovation and high performance engine oils, Castrol is the most recognised lubricants brand in the world.

Castrol is a sign of quality in any workshop, in addition to their OEM approved products, together we support leading Independent Workshops & Mobile Mechanics across the UK through our added value offers and ‘Castrol Branded Networks”.

Facts & Figures

  • Headquartered in the UK
  • Forefront of pioneering technology with 7 R&D centres globally
  • Work closely with leading OEMs including Audi, Ford and Volvo
  • Invests more than $2.2 billion each year in product development
  • Building new lubricants blending plant

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Why Use Castrol Lubricants?

Castrol considers themselves as the ‘home of liquid engineering,’ and with good reason. Castrol has been developing lubricants since the early 1900s, pioneering new ideas and helping the aviation industry take flight. Castrol continues to innovate and lead, having launched their own range of marine oils, providing lubricants for the Mars Space Rover and now creating an engine oil with 25% renewable plant-based oil.  

Castrol products focus on the changing demands of the industries they serve. Their most recent ventures are transmission oils for electric cars, and metalworking fluids that will help industries use less water. This is why, when considering which lubricant products to use for your business, Castrol can be relied upon to consistently bring quality, innovation and advanced technology to every area of your business, machinery and equipment. Castrol has a long heritage of partnership and collaboration; as the UK’s largest distributor of Castrol lubricant products, Certas Energy Lubricants are proud to align our values with theirs. 

Looking for the Castrol Vehicle Oil Look Up?

Why Buy Castrol Lubricants from Certas Energy?

  • 100 dedicated employees
  • Nationwide delivery network
  • Logistics provider for leading manufacturers
  • 10 dedicated warehouses
  • 200,000 sq ft warehouse storage
  • Large stock holding of oils and greases
  • 60 million litres of lubricants and AdBlue delivered

A Fully Accredited Lubricant Supplier

Certas Energy is the only UK lubricant distributor to be accredited to five national and international standards. This also makes us second in the world. We are recognised by the United Kingdom Lubricants Association, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme and as an approved supplier on the Crown Commercial Services public procurement framework. Our commitment to industry standards is unwavering, which is why we supply only the highest quality lubricant products from premium manufacturers like Castrol.

Castrol Lubricant Solutions

Castrol Service

Stand out from the crowd and become part of the Castrol Service, a premium national branded network in the UK that offers real benefits to you and your customers. Castrol Service enhances your business with the endorsement of the Castrol Service brand throughout each of your customer touchpoints. Gain more knowledge about lubricants and workshop efficiency through our dedicated team & online training solutions.

Castrol Approved Mobile Mechanic

Join Castrol Mobile Mechanic network to stand out from competitors with endorsement and promotion from Castrol. Take a differentiated offer to your consumers looking for a high-quality service, which is value for money. Enhance your brand identity through the perceived trust consumers place in the Castrol brand. 

Bosch Car Service

Bosch and Castrol are committed to working together to bring the UK’s leading brand into the Bosch Car Service network from The Race Group part of Certas Energy. If you are a Bosch Car Service centre you can enjoy huge exclusive benefits and support from a dedicated team of automotive lubricants experts. You can enhance your business with the endorsement of the Castrol brand with external, reception and workshop branding.

Independent Workshops

The Race Group, part of Certas Energy, work closely with independent workshops providing much more than just a litre of oil. Our team of specialists are always on hand to ensure you receive the best possible service and experience. Whether your support needs are technical, brand, promotional or customer retention, talk to our dedicated team today and find out how being a Race Group customer will benefit your business.

Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

Castrol, with over 100 years of experience in developing advanced lubricants for the automotive sector, has designed a complete product range for commercial vehicles. From engine oils to transmission fluids, coolants and greases, Castrol can provide the right solution for your vehicle needs.

Your Trusted Castrol Supplier

  • UK’s largest Castrol lubricants distributor
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Global brand partners since 2001
  • Lubricant solutions for vehicle, marine and industrial sectors
  • National network and customer service team

Castrol Automotive and Industrial

Why do Castrol partner with The Race Group?

The Race Group, part of Certas Energy, works closely with independent workshops across the UK. Providing more than just a litre of oil, Certas Energy and The Race Group are partnered with Castrol to support independent workshops in delivering excellent customer service and premium lubricant products.

Race are Castrol Automotive Ambassador Distributor, Castrol chosen route to market to deliver more than just a litre of oil, our focus is purely lubricants with a team who specialise in automotive and understand your needs and add value. You can have complete confidence we have 100% UK coverage, work closely with Castrol to ensure we service all your needs no matter the size of your business.

Automotive and Industrial Lubricants from Broughton Lubricants

When looking for automotive and industrial lubricants, you can rest assured that Broughton Lubricants has you covered. As the UK’s only Castrol Ambassador Distributor in the UK for the Industrial and Automotive product range, they can supply your automotive or industrial business with exactly what it needs. They offer a full range of automotive oils alongside extensive industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids. You can find out more about Broughton Lubricants and their range of Castrol products on their website


“As myself being the third generation of our family to run the business I see us as a service to the community of Calne not only with vehicle maintenance and repair, we support local charities schools and the community ambulance which Castrol have helped us with. I personally do not think we ever have not been a Castrol Workshop we’ve always incorporated Castrol signage around the premises albeit outdated signage and a carried a high level of Castrol stock. Having signed up to the Castrol Service network the benefits of the power of the brand is key to me Castrol is recognised by a large amount of my customers and reinforces hopefully the quality of our service and the care we give to their car. The new Cast6rol Service signage and corporate branded clothing has reinforced my belief in using the Castrol Brand to promote and enhance my business. I am pleased that Castrol are looking out at the independent sector of the trade we have been long forgotten I can recommend Castrol Service to your clients as through the year I know Castrol have listened to you and myself with any feedback we have offered the The Race Group part of Certas Energy as a supplier have been enthusiastic and more than willing to please and I appreciate their expertise and support, deliveries on the whole are 100 percent better than my previous supplier."

Keith Thomas of Cyril H Thomas Ltd

Operating throughout Britain and Europe, Grayline Coaches has provided professional coach hire for over 50 years. With its fleet of 19 vehicles on the road for an of average 6 days a week, covering an average annual distance of 24,188km per vehicle, the coach company needs to be confident that its vehicles and engines are in top condition and operating as efficiently as possible.

Grayline Coaches had previously been using mineral-based oils for their engines and basic mineral-based gear and axle oils. The Race Group, part of Certas Energy recommended the use of Castrol’s Vecton 10w/40oil for the fleet’s engines and fully synthetic Castrol Syntrax Longlife 75w/90 on the axles. By converting their engine, gearbox and rear axle lubricants to fully synthetic, high performance Castrol products, Grayline Coaches was able to save 6 litres of fuel per day per vehicle which added up to a total saving of £38,000 off their annual fuel bill a year.

Grayline Coaches

“Vehicles had to be filled up with fuel less frequently, with noticeable improvements in driving performance – gear changes were much smoother.”

Grayline Coaches

Castrol Technical Services

With their history of providing top-level sector solutions, Castrol offers technical services to support you in the selection and ongoing use of their lubricant products. The oil selector helps you find and select the best oil for your needs based on type of vehicle; you can search broadly by vehicle make and model, or hone the results using a registration number. The Castrol Oil Analysis service includes an analysis of used oils and lubricants to test for suitability, and a fluid monitoring option to help avoid any unnecessary system failures. When purchasing Castrol lubricants, oils or fluids, you’re making a commitment to quality and expertise as well as premium products. 

Oil Selector

Oil Analysis

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