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The brand new Shell LubeAnalyst mobile app is now available for download

We are very excited to announce that the new Shell LubeAnalyst mobile app is now available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by searching for ‘Shell LubeAnalyst’ or using the following link. Shell LubeAnalyst supports your oil condition monitoring programme. Testing your oil is like a health check for your machinery. With the mobile app you and your teams can easily sample oil with minimal inputs, avoiding paper and receiving your reports back to your mobile device as soon as the test results are ready.

Functionality of the new mobile app:

  • QR scanner: Register samples by scanning QR codes on sample bottles (Step 1) and components (Step 2).Manual registration is also available if you do not have a QR code at your sample point and/or an old sample bottle.
  • Paperless sample form: Complete and confirm equipment details and submit (Step 3) – no need for any paper work.
  • Component search: if you do not know the component code.
  • Sample results: View detailed sample results including condition, diagnostic comments and full detailed test results.
  • Mobility: Keep track of samples and machinery performance on the go, 24/7.

Sign in details are the same as on the Shell LubeAnalyst web portal. However, for first time sign in only: you need to register your account on the web portal before accessing the mobile app. If you have not yet logged into the new Shell LubeAnalyst, you will receive a refresher invite to the web portal.

Top tops for signing in:

  • At times, cookies already existing in the internet browser can cause a conflict.  For the first time, try opening the application in an incognito (Chrome) or in-private (Microsoft) browser session.  Right-click on your browser icon and you should get this option.
  • The website address has changed and you may want to bookmark the new URL. The new site address: and for labs and distributors:
  • To access, use the same email/password as signing onto your Windows PC/Outlook email. Your password for the old version of Shell LubeAnalyst is no longer valid
  • It is good practice to log out from the application when you’re done!

For more details get in touch with Certas Energy on 0345 609 9002 or Email

The mobile app is available on Apple iOS (iOS 10 and above) and Android (versions 4.1 and above).