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Lubricants News

Latest Certas
Lubricants News

Shell LubeChat now available on Certas Lubricants Website

Find the right lubricant with Shell LubeMatch. For specialist lubricant advice, Certas Energy customers have access to Shell LubeMatch – an online service from Shell Lubricants that helps you find the right lubricant for your application.Whether you are a driver wanting to know what oil to put in your car or an industrial plant engineer, this easy to use resource allows you to select the vehicle or equipment type and make or model from an extensive database to select the right lubricant.

Recommendations can be found for cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and coaches, vans, tractors, heavy machinery and industrial equipment. Matching your specific equipment or vehicle requirements ensures the recommended original equipment manufacturer oils and greases are being used thereby maintaining warranty. The web based tool provides not only the products but the quantities required, oil change intervals and much more.

Shell expertise at your fingertips 24/7
Wherever your business takes you, Shell LubeChat gives you easy, instant access to a wealth of lubricant expertise. It’s knowledge that Shell are adding to every day as we work with customers around the world, and now it’s all available in an easy-to-use online chat robot via the Certas Energy website. Try it out here.


Ready to empower your business?
Shell LubeChat brings you Shell expertise 24/7, equipping you to make faster, better informed decisions that can ultimately help bring down your total cost of ownership.


Customers can access via the Shell Partners page  by clicking on the red tab on the right lower corner on the homepage. Shell LubeChat is also available at