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Latest Certas
Lubricants News

Tectyl™ launches future proof range of corrosion protection for next 80 years

Since 1930 Tectyl has prevented rust corrosion of nearly every metal surface against the elements for the automotive and a variety of other industries. Today’s launch of Tectyl™ features a revitalized visual identity, new product names and updated packaging for easier understanding.

Tectyl has become a synonymous word for rust protection worldwide thanks to its strong adhesive
properties with metal surfaces. Engineered for superior short- or long- term protection, many Tectyl
products are multi-functional and can be used against indoor and outdoor exposure to help metal
surfaces resist damage caused by moisture, salt spray, hard gravel and harsh corrosives.

Tectyl’s superior corrosion protection offers customers the confidence, reliability, reputation and highquality
standards of its global market-leading brand. The automotive industry relies on Tectyl products
to provide ultimate protection and help extend the service life of trucks, passenger vehicles, trailer
bodies and other equipment manufactured from metal parts.

Tectyl new product designs easier to understand
After continuous R&D and extensive testing, the new Tectyl™ was launched to improve customer
experience. Newly designed spray cans have descriptive product names and icons to make it easier
for customers to understand and choose the right product for their needs.

Some refreshed product names include Tectyl Bodysafe Wax, which is now Tectyl Underbody Coating
Bronze and Tectyl ML, which is now Tectyl Cavity Wax Amber.

Innovative solutions continue to make Tectyl future proof
For more than 80 years, Tectyl has been the driving force in rust protection worldwide thanks to its
ongoing innovation and expertise. To meet stricter environmental, health and safety regulations
worldwide, Tectyl developed water-based and non-solvent products as well as V-damp, a sounddamping
line of viscoelastic, sprayable liquid sound dampers that reduce metal vibrations.

Manufacturers will continue to need anti-corrosion or sound damping solutions to protect their
products and reduce maintenance costs for years to come, And Tectyl is looking forward to providing
its ongoing golden standard quality products to customers for another 80 years.

About Ellis Enterprises B.V.
Dr. John Ellis invented a petroleum-based lubricant for steam engines more than 150 years ago. This
was the beginning of a long line of innovations in the lubricants and automotive chemicals categories.
Ellis Enterprises is the umbrella corporation for Tectyl. Invented in the 1930s, Tectyl has become the
synonym for corrosion protection for a wide variety of metals exposed to indoor and outdoor elements.

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