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Certas Energy Lubricants will return to Rail Vehicle and Enhancements show on 4th October 2018 to demonstrate how the railway industry can maximise service reliability and reduce maintenance costs through tailored lubricant management solutions.

Under increasing pressure to drive down costs and maximise fleet efficiency, rail engineers need access to reliable solutions to keep the UK’s railways moving. As the largest distributor of Shell Lubricants in the UK, Certas Energy will be on hand at RVE to demonstrate the benefits of OEM-approved high-performance lubricants and greases for rail fleet, infrastructure and track maintenance.

Each piece of rail equipment is made by different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) which means it’s vital to make sure the right lubricant is being used to suit the specific requirements. Using high quality, OEM approved lubricants and greases can help protect equipment from wear and tear and deliver total cost of ownership savings by reducing unplanned downtime and extended maintenance intervals.

Effective lubrication will deliver four key functions; reducing friction between moving parts, keeping equipment free from contamination, protecting components from wear and tear and cooling high friction zones to ensure efficient functionality. Certas will be showcasing Shell’s full range of products for the rail industry at the show including Shell Rimula, a heavy-duty engine oil, Shell Gadus, which provides enhanced wear protection and Shell Tellus, a range of hydraulic fluids optimised for high system efficiency.

While lubricants play a vital role in track and rail fleet maintenance, recent research from Shell Lubricants reveals that the efficiency benefits of high performance lubricants are overlooked. 61% of rail industry decision makers do not expect a higher quality lubricant to help reduce unplanned downtime, and only 46% of companies believe product performance should be an important consideration when purchasing lubricants.

Gary Byers, General Manager at Certas Energy said, “We’re looking forward to meeting delegates at RVE and sharing our fuel and lubricant solutions for the rail industry. Selecting the right fuel and lubricants is integral to the smooth running of rail services. Seemingly small procurement decisions can have a big impact - by working closely with one partner for all fuel and lubricant needs, the rail industry can benefit from tailored management solutions to help them get the best out of their equipment so they can focus on their operations.”

Visit Certas Energy at RVE to discover how choosing a high-performance lubricant can help improve efficiency and reduce costs for rail operations.