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Harvest is one of the busiest times of year in the farming calendar so you need to be confident that your machinery is in peak condition and operating efficiently. With the increasing pressure to reduce spend and increase productivity, farmers often look to cut lubricant costs, without consideration of the impact this can have on machine and engine performance.


Using the right lubricant for your machinery helps prevent wear and tear resulting in extended equipment life and less spend on spare parts. However, a recent study by a major lubricants company revealed that only 29% of farmers surveyed understand how the protection lubrication offers against wear and tear can lead to cost savings. Not all lubricants are made equal and so the best way to look at this is from a total cost of ownership point of view. Investing in top specification products from the major oil companies like Castrol, Shell, Valvoline actually saves you money as it generally gives better protection for longer. Premium lubricants are blended using the best base oils and the proper additive packages in the correct quantities.

The study also showed that 58% of farmers acknowledge that their lubrication errors have led to unplanned downtime. Any disruptions during the busy harvest period can be extremely costly and have a significant impact on productivity so how can you avoid breakdowns this season? Offering manufacturer approved lubricants and engine oils from leading brands including Shell, Valvoline, Castrol and Gulf, Certas Energy works with you to keep your farm running smoothly and machinery in peak condition all year round. With dedicated technical support, our experts support you in choosing the best, rather than just the cheapest, lubricant to protect and maintain engines.

Another key consideration, which often gets forgotten about is what happens when the season finishes and combine harvesters go into storage for the winter?

Farm equipment needs to be protected when it’s not in use for extended periods of time as if it is left unprotected during the cold, wet, winter months, metal surfaces can become corroded and the resulting rust can affect the functionality of equipment. This results in costly repairs or replacement of expensive parts and components to get machinery up and running again. Using lubricants to prepare machinery for storage helps to extend the lifetime of your assets.

Tectyl™ protective coatings from Valvoline provide essential protection for engines, generators and machinery during storage and transportation. The solution can be applied to engines and exposed services to protect their value and condition. The products can either be removed when no longer required or left on and protect against damage caused by moist, salty or harsh weather conditions.

With over 80 years’ experience in metal protection, the Tectyl range has a proven track record for protecting industrial equipment. The products offer excellent adhesion to surfaces and their flexibility means they are resistant to cracking or breakage.

By taking precautionary measures you can avoid costly repair work and have peace of mind that your equipment will be protected throughout the off-season, ready to go again next harvest.