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According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), the UK automotive industry employs 814,000 people with an annual turnover of £71.6 billion and this thriving industry was out in force at Automechanika in Birmingham last week.


This year’s show was 70% bigger than last year and with representatives from across the supply chain, Automechanika offered a fantastic opportunity to meet with customers to discuss ways they can improve engine productivity and performance. It was Certas Energy’s second year at the show where we promoted our range of innovative lubrication solutions for the automotive sector. The Shell Ferrari featured on our stand certainly drew in the crowds!

Tough economic conditions and unpredictable fuel prices have driven businesses to look for ways to reduce costs, limit downtime and improve efficiency. Although aftermarket products such as lubricants represent a small percentage of total running costs, choosing the right products can help save valuable time and money.

Car manufacturers are increasingly specifying particular and specialist formulations of lubricants for their latest models and as a result, garages are faced with a greater variety of types and grades of product than ever before. Making the right choice when it comes to lubricant selection is crucial in meeting manufacturer requirements but the reality is that some garages are still using just one grade of lubricant across all vehicles and engine types.

Rather than focusing just on price, garages need to take into account the benefits that come with using higher quality products that meet the exact requirements of the engine they’re working with. It’s about using the right oil, in the right car and we’re working closely with our independent workshop customers and buying groups to help educate the market around the importance of using the right grades of lubricants.

We partner with leading brands such as Shell, Valvoline, Gulf and Castrol to bring the latest innovations in engine lubricants to market. These brands invest heavily in R&D strategies and work closely with key original equipment manufacturers to ensure their lubricants meet the technical standards required. In addition to a wide range of premium lubricants, Certas Energy offers a one-stop-shop for garages with a range of products including coolants, anti-freeze, screen wash and AdBlue® in bulk and packed deliveries.

Speaking to the organisers at the show, Sarwant Singh, Senior Partner at Frost and Sullivan commented on the huge disruption taking place in the UK automotive industry, noting in particular the growth in downstream services. At Certas Energy, we aim to provide our independent workshop customers with the highest level of service at all times to deliver solutions that is not only cost competitive but total cost of ownership aware.