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Metal Working Fluids

Certas Energy has an enviable reputation for providing unique metal process fluids and additives with a core focus on innovation to protect the environment and to recycle where possible. 

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Metal Working Fluids

Certas Energy has an enviable reputation for providing unique metal process fluids and additives with a core focus on innovation to protect the environment and to recycle where possible. 

Metalworking Fluids

Certas Energy’ partners work with industry experts in developing high quality lubricants to keep equipment and machinery running.  Each of our global lubricant suppliers produce products that lead the market in terms of performance, technology and compliance with the latest regulations.

Working with our partners Certas can ensure that our customers receive not only the latest technology with respect to our environment but performance that you and your customers’ demand for metalworking fluids, additives and package solutions.  

Lubricant Solutions

Technical Services

Providing a technical centre of excellence, you can be sure Certas will keep your business running smoothly. Our range of technical services are designed to enable our customers to maximise their productivity and ensure a safe and operator friendly working environment.  Our services cover four key areas: MWF fluid management, product expertise, training, and equipment each providing a strategic partnership to provide solutions to our customers and enable improved safety,  compliance and efficiency.

Metalworking Fluids

From cutting to grinding, from forming to drawing, we offer a product to suit every metalworking process. The range of products are compliant to very latest health and environmental legislation and formulated to deliver a clean, untarnished surface and prolong tool life. Providing both water-based and neat oils for all metal manufacturing processes, plus products for quenching and protective fluids to guard against corrosion. We also have a complementary range of slide-way lubricants, degreasers and cleaners to prepare components for painting or other treatment.

Metalworking Fluid Management

Certas energy lubricants can provide or advise you on the best way to set up an efficient fluid monitoring programme which will help reduce the operator exposure to harmful bacteria, minimise unscheduled maintenance, increase coolant life and optimise performance, resulting in improved productivity and reduced machine downtime.

Monitoring soluble metalworking fluids

Using a quality metalworking fluid, which is managed and monitored, can increase tool life, reduce machine downtime, and provide a cost saving for the business. To monitor this effectively, it is important to keep the relevant records, monitor trends and take the required action to keep the product in the optimum condition. Fluid Command is a powerful and helpful tool that can help you do this and is designed to be flexible to your needs and easy to use. Fluid Command – Complete fluid management – your first steps into Industry 4.0.

Quenching Fluids

Quenching and heat treatment fluids are designed for rapid or controlled cooling of steel or other metals as part of a hardening, tempering or other heat-treating process. With a range of fluid types including oils based, synthetic or water based they serve two primary functions; to provide controlled cooling and protect the metal part from corrosion and structural damage.

Metal Treatment & Anti Corrosion

Anti-corrosion agents help protect all types of metal against rust and corrosion. In the most common use of the word, this means electrochemical oxidation of metal in reaction with an oxidant such as oxygen. The range of anti-corrosion agents are designed to protect metallic parts both short term and long term, and indoor or outdoor depending on the product type.

Metalworking Products

Metalworking fluids

Technologically advanced soluble and neat products. Offering superior performance and reduced operating costs, with and advanced safety profile and fully compliant with the latest legislation.

Wire & tube drawing oils

Both neat and water mix lubricants for all applications such as bar, rod, wire, tube, strip and profiles. Balanced lubrication and exceptional cleanliness for optimum performance. Long life products and excellent surface finishes.

Cold rolling oils

Technologically advanced products suitable for all
types of mills.  Reduced VOC emission and higher flashpoints. High-quality surface finishes.

Forming oils

High-performance products for a multitude of metal forming processes from stamping to heavy duty pressing. The range includes both neat and soluble products including vanishing oils.


Quenching oils

An advanced range of neat & soluble quenching fluids, suitable for a wide range of quenching  applications. High oxidation stability and long lasting quenching performance.


Anti corrosion fluids

High-performing anti- corrosion protection fluids for ferrous and non-ferrous metals with an advanced health & safety profile. The innovative technology offers different film protection resulting in excellent water rejection for Indoor & outdoor protection. Easy to apply by brushing or spraying


High-performing range of products for various
applications. Designed for ease of application. Able to operate in harsh environments. 

Hydraulic oils

A vast and highly efficient range that include standard and viscosity modified oil based products, to specifically designed ecological acceptable and fire resistant non-mineral oil based products.  Designed to deliver power transfer and withstand extremes of environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations, high pressure, water and debris contamination.


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